The Unbalanced Condor Option Trading Strategy

Here’s an option trading strategy that’s new to me. Before reading the article below, I had never heard of it. So of course I Googled it. Looks to be an interesting low risk strategy. Check it out.

Today I’m writing an article about the generally unknown strategy known as the Unbalanced Condor. Although this strategy has been around for a while, for some reason, it’s not very popular. On my own, I’ve studied options for over a decade now and took many of the popular courses that can be found on the internet. After spending nearly $50,000 on my options education, I find it puzzling and rather erroneous that most option courses are not teaching this strategy.

Perhaps after her I write this article others will begin to investigate this technique, and I hope they do, this should be one of the most used option strategies by retail investors. Someday perhaps it will be as the word spreads about the wonderful qualities of this option spread.

For example, how would you like to trade options in a circumstance where it’s nearly impossible to lose money in one direction, and in the other direction, there is nearly a 100% guarantee that you will make money? Doesn’t that sound ideal? And what if I told you that you can also make money on this trade if the market does not move? On paper this looks like the perfect strategy. It would seem there is no way to lose.

Well, it is possible to do lose something on this trade, and actually, you can lose quite a bit on this trade just like any other option strategy, but only if you do not know what you’re doing. If you get too aggressive and try to make money too fast with it, you can also lose with it. The secret to the Unbalanced Condor is learning to be a patient trader. Once you master the patience and the simple adjustments that go along with this spread, then it’s really hard to lose on this trade. I think you’ll find that your worst-case scenario would result in about a 1 to 2% loss.

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