Is Options Trading Your Passion?

Here’s a great article by Allan Chan in which he not only discusses weekly options he also talks about how important it is to find your passion and pursue it.  His passion just happens to be options trading. He says…

As an options investor I actually gravitate toward weekly options. I’ve spent many hours researching option systems till I found what I like. Option spreads are my passion.

I latterly discovered a quote from a book on “Trend Following” by Michael W Cover. He quoted another writer in his book by the name of Brett Steenbarger who wrote about passion in trading. He wrote:”Find your passion: the work that stimulates, fascinates, and continually challenges you. Identify what you find suggestive and rewarding, and poor yourself into it. If your fervor turns out to be the markets, you will find the fortitude to outlast your learning process and to develop the mastery needed to become a professional. If your passion isn’t the markets, then possess your funds with someone that possesses an objective past record and whose investment aims match your own. Then go forth and pour yourself into those faucets of life that may keep you springing out of bed every morning, excited to face each day.”

I have learned that one’s passion is a huge catalyst to one’s success in trading weekly options. When I trade weekly options, I don’t do it with a stern resolve, I trade to earn money and I like doing it! I like researching option systems and studying market trends. It’s a enthusiasm like being a pro at something else. Each day , like a world class runner, I picture what I desire attain and what I want to see in my studies. I’m aware That I must keep a positive and energetic perspective about what I am doing.

If you are interested in trading weekly options, you have to ask yourself, “Is this something you really want to jump into and learn?” Are you willing to do whatever it takes to do to achieve success trading weekly options?

The one great thing about trading like we do is that the markets are not bias towards any person. Your skin color does not matter; your disposition in society; nor what amount of cash you have. The markets give a fair opportunity to everybody and permit you to go as far as you want to. The big issue lies with you as you enter this arena. What happens as you do your “do diligence” studying market trends and options trading strategies and it works? Now what do you do?

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