Binary Options and the European Debt Crisis

Well, if you thought the European Debt Crisis was over think again.  I’m afraid we’ve got a long way to to before that’s over.  And the thing that concerns me most is the U.S. isn’t far behind.  We spent over $1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion!) more than we made last year.  How long can we keep doing that?

Enough of my ranting.  Here’s an article by David Fielder discussing the affect of the European Debt Crisis on the market in general, stock indices, binary options and Apple.

Europe is back in the headlines today as Spain failed to sell binds at a necessary level. As a result, binary options traders were witness to a mass sell-off on Wall Street. Obviously European stocks fell on the news from Spain as this basically means that investors’ fears that the rally in Europe is effectively finished. European stock markets have done very well since the stimulus package pushed forward by the ECB (European Central Bank) helped ease financing pressure between European banks. This allowed European stock indices to do quite well in the last few month. However the Spanish IBEX index has not done well as all and is nearing the levels seen last year during the European debt crisis. The European stimulus package allowed US stocks to rise at an incredible pace in the first 3 months of 2012 but now with anxiety mounting, the US stock indices dropped hard yesterday. But Spain’s stocks have languished.

The binary options trading signals we provided yesterday obviously were of little value on a day of serious drops in the market. The Dow fell 0.95% as binary options traders were unable to take advantage of the recent rise in the index. All of out trading signals were focused o the upside and we didn’t take into account a serious correction. The same can be said about the S&P index which fell 1.02% as the Nasdaq fell an enormous amount to 3068 which is a drop of 1.46%.

Today binary options traders should try to focus on a number of trading levels of interest to stock inidces. The major level of 1400 was breached yesterday in the S&P stock index and binary options traders can take advantage of a binary options trading signal quite readily today with an Above option on any break of resistance at 1400.

Apple stocks at 630.5 looks like a good stock to choose to follow today for binary options traders looking for a trading signal to the upside on this stock. That level is Monday’s closing price and a break of this level should signal more buyers to enter the market. Recently, analysts have pointed to the $1000 for the APPL stock which would put it at market capitalization which is higher than all but the biggest 15 countries in the world.

APPL trading signals binary options 5/3/2012

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