The Options Industry Council

Depending on your familiarity with stock options, you may or may not be familiar with the Options Industry Council. The OIC, as it is often times referred to, is an organization that is committed to helping traders invest with options. The cooperative was launched in 1992 with one prominent mission: provide an educational resource to those currently involved with options or those with interest in trading them.

The OIC is fairly successful in its objective as it offers many investors and financial personnel information about equity options traded on exchange markets. They advertise the benefits of investing in these types of financial instruments while concurrently informing people what risks are present in options trading. The Options Industry Council is funded by its sponsors, which include a long list of reputable groups, including BATS Options, the Boston Options Exchange, C2 Options Exchange Inc, NASDAQ, and the NYSE.

To be more specific, these resources take the form of multimedia and informational communications. These include online course lessons, physical seminars, podcasts, online video-casts, and other types of more traditional literature. Certainly, the OIC offers traders a diverse array of educational support to sustain their responsible trading on the market. Their web site allows users to access support from their help desk as well.

So what kind of people stand to benefit from the Options Industry Council services? The primary beneficiaries would be those just starting in the options market or with novice skills that need development. These individuals will require adequate education before pursuing real trading campaigns in order to maximize profit and cut down on confused or misguided investment decisions. The OIC, through its courses and conveyances described above, usually teaches the following subjects: option fundamentals, advanced options concepts, strategic options trading, trading resources, calculator widgets, and up-to-date option market quotes.

The OIC is popular for a variety of reasons. Many aspiring and fledgling traders flock to it because it’s developed a solid reputation. Additionally, experienced investors instruct the program’s seminars. These teachers are usually those who have generated real income through the trading of options. Legal authorities, to ensure validity and authenticity, also vet all information on the site.

For these reasons, the Options Industry Council remains a trusted organization. Many novice traders turn to them for accurate information and an honest portrayal of the market.  The OIC weighs risks and benefits to provide a full picture for traders.

If you’re looking for advanced option trading strategies though, you’d be better off with an option trading course specifically designed to teach them.

by: Tim Warren

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