Option Trading Strategy

Having some difficulty making the most out of the options in your portfolio? Options can be a great way to diversify your capital and bring in gains from predicting stock market fluctuations. They can also be complex and implementing them for profit can at times prove a bit confusing. It doesn’t have to be a struggle to make money from options—all you need is a well-reasoned strategy and some analytical insight.

Admittedly, these important elements don’t just come automatically. You’ll need to learn how options work and what strategies make the most sense for your risk tolerance, time horizon and personal financial circumstances. But here we can discuss the basics of an effective option trading strategy. We’ll touch upon what you should consider when trading options and how to safeguard your capital in the process.

The first things to ponder when constructing an option trading strategy are your own skill level and capacity to invest. If you’re a sophisticated, savvy investor, you may be more willing to risk it with options. If you’re a novice in the field, perhaps investing risk capital in decidedly conservative stocks will prove to be a more secure, stable plan.

Another important point for consideration is how long you plan to leave your money in options. If you’re looking for quick, short-term gains, this small time horizon will shape the nature of your investment portfolio. Long-term investments, on the other hand, can usually afford to invest in slightly more speculative options. In this way, options are quite like regular stocks, since they are, after all, the most common underlying asset.

You should also know your calls from your puts and determine which one better suits your preferences. These option types are essentially opposite forms of the same basic idea. With calls, exercise involves the purchase of the underlying asset. With a put option, an exercise of the option results in you selling at the strike price to the seller of the put. In either case, predicting the value of the underlying asset is key—so it’s all basically the same objective.

Also, keep in mind that not every option needs to be exercised or expired. You can trade an option on the market, and in many situations you will find this to be the most appropriate option trading strategy.

Keeping a wide inventory of available option trading strategies will only improve your agility when dealing with options and attempting to bring in profit.


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