Tips for the novice to trade in the stock market

Most people start investing by dabbling in the stock market. However, there are associated risks with this market that investors should know before investing. If the trader invested in a company that is doing well, then he can make money with increasing price of the stock. In case, the company does poorly, then he may instead lose money in this process. So, here are a few trading tips to aware of to prevent from having loses in the stock market.

Here are a few trading tips that you may want to follow while investing in the stock market:

1. Diversify your stock portfolio: You can protect your investment plan by diversifying the companies owned by you. Try to invest in stocks in five different sectors to mitigate your risk. If you’re wondering what the term “sector” means, it’s actually referred to different industries in which the companies operate like technology, energy and telecommunication. Make sure you create a portfolio where you should not allocate more than 20% to any one of the sectors. So, you can prevent your portfolio from loses if you own stock where the sector has a large loss in its stock price.

2. Purchasing of stocks: When you’re planning to buy stocks, make sure you purchase the right stock. Your situation may prevent you from buying a large portfolio of stocks. If so, make sure you buy at least three stocks you are interested in. Keep in mind that diversification is the key rule when you’re buying stocks.

3. Buy stocks with available cash: Make sure you invest the amount that you can afford to lose. If you have extra money after making necessary expenses, then you can invest it in buying stocks. When you start buying stock, make sure to keep aside a certain amount of cash. You can utilize the extra cash to buy stocks if you suddenly learn about a good opportunity.

4. Research the stock companies: Make sure you research the companies before buying their stock. You can acquire information on the stock from the newspaper or from news channels and websites. Try to survey the stock market, to find out whether or not the stock price of the company is expected to rise.

Keep the above mentioned trading tips in mind when you plan to trade in stock market. If you are well educated in the markets, you will have a better chance of preventing loses in the stock market.

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