A Stock Option Strategy to Make 35 – 50% on Apple?

Looking for an option play that could make you 35 to 50% in the next 4 weeks? Here’s an interesting Apple (AAPL) stock option strategy that just may do that. As always, make sure you check it out for yourself. Do your own research into the trade before you jump in. The author talks about the upside, but he doesn’t discuss how much you could lose if the stock happens to drop more than $10. You could lose thousands pretty quickly.

I like Apple.  I think the stock will at least hold steady, or might go up over the next month.  If it does, I expect to double my money with an options strategy I have just set up.  Today I would like to share that strategy with you.

I hope you will enjoy it.

In spite of the big run-up in the price of AAPL since it announced blow-out earnings that exceeded all expectations, I think the stock has more room to go up.  It is still undervalued by traditional investment measures.  The problem is that people can’t believe that the largest company in the world can continue to grow as fast it has over the last couple of years.

And it keeps doing better than even the highest expectations.

I think it has a good chance of continue going higher.  I expect that the rumors may be right – they will announce the iPad 3 early in March, and maybe a new television system using the cloud.  And maybe they will start paying dividends.  What else do they plan to do with the spare $100 billion they have sitting in cash?

If they start paying a dividend, there are many mutual funds out there who would love to own the stock but are prevented from doing so because their charter allows them to only but dividend-paying stocks.  No matter how small the dividend might be, millions of dollars will pour into the stock once dividends are declared.

My little options strategy should make over 35% a week for the next 4 weeks if the stock holds steady or goes up moderately (actually, if it goes up a little, the weekly gain could be closer to 50%).   Spend a couple of minutes checking it out.

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